Villa Cleofas

Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon, Philippines   

CAGBALETE ISLAND is a 1,640-hectare property located east of Quezon Province (in Luzon, north of the Philippines), with size of the island comparable to Boracay. Part of Mauban, Quezon, it rests along the waters of Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Although all areas of the island are privately-owned, the southwestern part of it is populated by a number of Visayan fisherfolks who have settled in the idle lands. Known as "Sabang", this fishing village can be estimated to be populated by over a thousand people. These people have learned to live through by earning money from fishing, farming (there are ricefields in certain areas), getting copra, and drying/ processing seaweeds.

Home to a number of species of animals such as Kingfishers, parrots, wild ducks, tabon birds and others, Cagbalete Island is also the habitat of the coconut crab or “kuray” (a Cagbalete favorite),  starfishes, “alimasag”, “umang”, etc., and a long time ago, the “pawikan” (giant sea turtle). In the last 5 years, the local townfolks have reported several sightings of threatened and endangered species such as sea turtles, young whalesharks and dugongs foraging in the sea and mangrove areas. We have also organized the Cagbalete Beach Owners and Bantay Dagat Cooperation in 2013 to stop dynamite & illegal fishing in Cagbalete. This has been very effective as shown by more marine species being seen near the shore of Cagbalete like manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, and various fishes. The corals are also getting healthy and growing! A marine sanctuary is now being planned and may soon be established at Cagbalete.

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